Are Birds Roosting in Your Home?

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When birds fly south for the winter, their first priority is finding shelter. If a flock decides to nest on your roof, don't wait for their droppings to eat into the material and cause leaks. Turn to Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers for bird removal services. We'll capture the birds roosting at your home and take them to a better location.

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Why do woodpeckers make such a racket?

Why do woodpeckers make such a racket?

You enjoy watching the birds flit about in your yard, but the constant hammering of those woodpeckers is a nuisance. Reclaim your yard from those noisy birds by arranging for a no-kill animal control service from Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers.

Woodpeckers disturb your peace and quiet when they're:

  • Trying to attract a mate
  • Creating holes for roosting or storing food
  • Feeding on insects

We'll make your yard peaceful again by trapping problem birds, relocating them and discouraging them from returning.

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