Don't Let Bees Ruin Your Summer Fun

Offering humane bee removal services in Douglasville, Mableton & Lithia Springs, GA

When you're enjoying your backyard during the summer, you don't want to worry about being stung by a bee. Bees can build their hives anywhere outside, but when they build them indoors, they cause serious problems. Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers offer an animal control service that deals specifically with bee removal.

If you have a beehive outside but don't want to schedule bee removal services, stay as far away from the hive as possible. Bee removal is not always necessary as long as you can stay safe while leaving the beehive intact. Contact us today to learn more.

Leave bee removal to the professionals

Leave bee removal to the professionals

If you want to get rid of a bee hive in your home or yard, do not attempt to get rid of it yourself. Removing an active beehive is extremely dangerous. We have skilled bee removal specialists on our team. You can count on us to remove a beehive from your property safely.

Do not put yourself in danger. Call our animal control service team today to get a handle on your bee problem.