Bats Belong in a Cave, Not in Your Cabin

Our wildlife control company in Douglasville, Mableton & Marietta, GA banishes bats

You never expected a bat to find its way into your in Douglasville, Georgia & Atlanta-area home, but there's no doubt that one has. Maybe a lone bat found its way into your house, or you've seen several bats inside a wall or up a chimney.

No matter what your bat removal needs entail, Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers is the wildlife control company to call on for help. Reach out to us about wildlife removal service by visiting our contact page or calling 404-956-0054.

Are bats roosting in your home?

Are bats roosting in your home?

Finding a single bat in your home may be a sign that a group has taken up residence on your property. Find out for sure by calling in the specialists from Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers.

You may benefit from professional bat removal if:
You find bat droppings near a possible entrance
You see bats or damage you suspect was caused by bats
You hear squeaking or scratching sounds at night

For help finding and removing bats in the Marietta, Douglasville, Mableton, Lithia Springs, and surrounding area, contact our wildlife removal service today.