When It Comes to Wildlife, Your Home Has No Vacancy

Secure your house with a professional animal control service in Douglasville, Mableton & Lithia Springs, Georgia and surrounding metro Atlanta area

We are all animal lovers, but you don't want to share your home with the wildlife variety. In spite of your best efforts, animals will occasionally take up residence in places where they are not welcome. Let's face it, your attic is the perfect place for a new home. Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers is proud to serve as your local animal control service.

Effective wildlife control removes all furry, feathery and scaly intruders quickly and kindly. We are a no-kill animal exclusion company, so your unwanted guests will be returned to their natural habitat. This is a win-win for both your house and the environment. Once the pests are gone, we are able to seal your home from further animal entry and in most cases, repair the damage the animals have made. In addition, we can provide the decontamination services to make your home safe from bacteria.

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Need that varmint gone?

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There's nothing like a bat flying in your home or a snake in your garage. Don't let that happen to you. Whether you're having a wedding, a party or just weekend guests at your home, turn to us for reliable wildlife control. We answer all of our calls 24/7. You will not get an answering service who will relay the message. When you need speedy animal control service, the team at Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers is ready. Our team will be there any time, day or night, to make sure the animal is properly removed.

When you need speedy animal control service, the team at Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers is ready.

Your home is a castle for these common pests

No matter how clean or well-built your home is, there's still a chance you'll have an unwelcome house guest at one time or another. Critters are very good at finding tiny openings or nooks and crannies in which to take up residence. They vary by region, Georgia's most common animal stowaways are::

Rats: These little buggers can live in the attic, walls, pipes, cabinets or basically anywhere.
Squirrels: These noisy rodents love to live in the attic or crawl spaces.
Raccoons: Mama Raccoons love to have their babies in your attic.
Bats: These horror movie stars hangout in the eaves of your attic.
Birds: Many birds will build their nests in your chimney.
Opossum: These beady-eyed marsupials like to live under houses, sheds or decks.
Snakes: These hissy houseguests come to visit when there is a plentiful supply of dinner.
Bees: These little buzzers build hives in the eaves of your home and in your walls.

This is not every kind of animal you may need evicted, but it's most of them.

Let your local animal exclusion company safely remove pests in Douglasville, Mableton, Lithia Springs, and surrounding metro Atlanta, Georiga area!