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Offering no-kill animal trapping in Douglasville, Mableton & Lithia Springs, GA and surrounding metro Atlanta area

Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers offers animal trapping for a wide variety of species. Our most common calls are for rats, squirrels, snakes, and raccoons. These may not be your favorite creatures, but they're important to your local ecosystem. So, let 'em live. By calling our wildlife removal service, your home will be pest-free, and the animals can keep doing their job in the wild.

Ask about our no-kill animal trapping service in Douglasville, Mableton, Lithia Springs, and surrounding metro Atlanta, Georgia area.

Leave the trapping to the professionals

Leave the trapping to the professionals

If you’ve got a pest problem, you may be considering handling it yourself. You might ask yourself, what could go wrong? The answer is—a lot. Imagine removing a hive full of bees and dropping it instead. Still not convinced to hire the pros? Here are three more reasons why you should let a wildlife removal service do the animal trapping:

  • Professionals have the right size and type of traps for the species.
  • Professionals know the right locations to safely release animals.
  • Professionals are trained to open traps without injuring themselves or the animal.

To prevent injury to you and the animal, and to avoid damage to property, always call a professional. Our team can handle almost anything, but we’re still working on an effective Bigfoot trap.

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