Don't Leave the Door Open for Unwanted Guests

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Once you've evicted all the uninvited guests from your home, Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers recommends investing in some wildlife prevention services. That's a complicated way of saying to seal up the holes and gaps in your home. This will prevent anything else from moving in. Even if you've never had a pest problem, we can check your property for places where critters could live and close them up.

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Leave the menagerie at the zoo

Leave the menagerie at the zoo

Many homes, especially those in Georgia, are constructed with a gap between the roof and the walls for air flow. This a common way for animals to get into your attic. It’s important to seal those gaps and take the following steps to keep your home pest free:

  • Make sure all pests have been removed
  • Remove any nesting materials and repair any damage
  • Seal all gaps, cracks and holes anywhere in the home
  • Install caps or screens on chimneys and vents
  • Trim trees and vegetation to prevent climbing into the home
  • Spray or spread deterrents to keep pests away

A small investment in wildlife prevention services now can save you a lot of money down the road.

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