No One Likes a Messy Houseguest

Clean up after your intruder using an animal decontamination specialist in Douglasville, Mableton & Marietta, GA

Unfortunately, some pests not only invade your home, but they leave behind odors and waste when they're gone. Many of these messes are not easy to clean with traditional products or methods. The staff at Georgia Licensed Wildlife Trappers are also trained in animal decontamination services. Our team will come in, find the mess the pests have left behind, and remove it. We'll disinfect the area to prevent the spread of disease.

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Do You Smell That?

Do You Smell That?

It's always our goal to release live animals back into the wild, but sometimes they pass on before our team can help. Part of our animal decontamination services is to remove deceased animals from walls, crawl spaces and attics. An animal decontamination specialist can also provide the service to disinfect and seal the area.

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